Great Pay

Here at Central Nebraska Truck Wash, it is our mission to pay our employees with competitive wages allowing them to make arise with their earnings with an unstoppable commission strategy. Our employees have apt chances at working overtime with flexible hours as well. The harder you work the easier it will be to expand your earnings.

Great Benefits

While working at Central Nebraska Truck Wash not only do we have great competitive pay, we also have great benefits to offer as well. We offer great benefits of health insurance, vision, dental, life insurance  and as well as paid vacation days and more. We have the benefits to fit your needs!


At Central Nebraska Truck Wash, we understand that every employee’s situation is not the same and that working the typical work hours may not fit your home-lifestyle needs. We try to provide flexible work hours to help not only improve but also make one’s lifestyle and home life easier.

Team Environment

A lot of what we do requires an apt amount of effort and teamwork. We encourage a teamwork system that allows our employees to give their full efforts to help one another to collectively strive to meet the full needs of all our customers. Come join our team today and help us succeed and strive forward.


Central Nebraska Truck Wash

2030 East Hwy 30
Grand Island, NE 68801

Phone: 308-675-2855
Fax: 308-675-2856

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